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Mary Wheatley and her father died in ; Nathaniel, who had married and moved to England, died in Her exact birthplace is unknown; however it is assumed that she was born near Senegambia, a territory that today is divided between the nation of Senegal and Gambia. When color mattered so much, and was the determining and dominating factor as to how one was perceived, Phillis Wheatley did not let hers hold her back.

Wheatley combined the influences of religion and neo-classicism in her poems. This was an amazing blessing to her because it was uncommon for free women in this era to be educated, not to mention enslaved women.

Growing up around these women, I have always known about the strong women of our past. Additionally, the irony of a people fighting for their liberty from a tyrannical government while at the same time exercising the tyranny of slavery over another race was not lost on the poet.

The literature written by Phillis Wheatley helped in letting the world know of the atrocities that occurred in America. At the age of eight, Phillis born in Africa had arrived in America and been bought as a servant by a Caucasian woman, named Susannah Wheatley.

Phillis Wheatley must have written hundreds, if not thousands, of poems. Because of the accomplishments of women like her and faith in my Creator, I am able to return to school and work towards a degree.

Her literature let the world know that she was a poet. Wheatley, a slave, had met William Legge, the earl of Dartmouth, when she was in England for the publication of her collected poems. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Although the marriage of Phillis and John Peters was initially prosperous, they soon fell victim to the general economic depression that followed the war.

When she died inshe was living in poverty still working as a servant. Although the quality of her work has long been debated, it is an unfair judgment to suggest that her interest lies primarily in her unusual circumstances and historical significance. She had laid the ground work in displaying that African American were just as capable and in her case more of being as intelligent as anyone else.

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The conflicts of society inspired Phillis Wheatley to compose poems on the tragic events she witnessed. When I think of Phillis Wheatley I can not help but to think of all of the strong African American women I grew up around as a child in the rural South.

During this time, is was uncommon for slaves to be as literate and proficient in the English language or any other language, as Phillis Wheatley was.

Phillis Wheatley

She arrived in England a year after a court decision declared that slave owners could not legally compel their slaves to return to the colonies.

Notwithstanding the prejudices against her race, social status, gender, and age, Wheatley became the first published woman of African descent in The fact that she was able to publicly denounce slavery is evidence of influential voice as an African American during this time. Described by Merle A.

Her poetry illustrates the humbleness, dedication, and perseverance that is characteristic of many African American women. Wheatley died on March 3, It also characterizes the state of America during slavery and during a time when so many African American women, men, and children were robbed of their dignity and their pride.

The African-American poet Phillis Wheatley has achieved iconic status in American culture. A word letter from her to a fellow servant of African descent in sold at an auction in for $,—well over double what it had been expected to fetch, and the highest price ever paid for a letter by a woman of African descent.

Although she was an African slave, Phillis Wheatley was one of the best-known poets in preth century America. Educated and enslaved in the household of prominent Boston commercialist John Wheatley, lionized in New England and England, with presses in both places publishing her poems, and paraded before the new republic’s political leadership and the old empire’s aristocracy, Wheatley.

- American Poet: Phillis Wheatley Phillis Wheatley was an African-born slave in the last quarter of the eighteenth-century in New England. She was born in West Africa and brought to America on the slave ship Phillis.

Almost immediately, the Wheatley’s, John and Susanna, took a special liking to Phillis and treated her more like a third child than a slave.

It is said that the Wheatley’s noticed something special in Phillis and choose to encourage it rather than hinder it as many slave owners did during this time period.

- American Poet: Phillis Wheatley Phillis Wheatley was an African-born slave in the last quarter of the eighteenth-century in New England. She was born in West Africa and brought to America on the slave ship Phillis. She was, however, much more than chattel-she was a poet.

Phillis was the first African American to have a book published. AP Lang/Comp Test 1 (Phillis Wheatley) Phillis Wheatley. To S.M. a Young African Painter, on Seeing His Works by Phillis Wheatley. poem essay summary: Phillis Wheatley was a black woman.

This was Wheatley’s life, this is what made her amazing. She was black. Life creds too all the people who made Phillis who she was.

Africanism essay phillis wheatley
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