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Aggression and Prejudice Academic Essay

The way a child aggresses depends upon what he imitates from his role model like his parents, family members, peers and teachers.

These factors independently or combined expose the children to frustrating experiences to which they react with aggression. So they indulge in violence and assault being overburdened with frustration and rage. The tasks assigned to males and females vary to a great extent.

A comparative study of different societies and cultures shows that aggression develops in the family and in the society where one lives and it differs according to the variation in culture.

Aggression cannot be totally checked and moreover, it is required for survival, for protecting oneself, for reproduction and for the good things of life. Direct provocation from another person is another social factor that often plays a role in aggression. One may express his displeasure and anguish to his subordinate employee when he comes office late.

However differences between boys and girls were not significant. Punishment awarded to the law breakers and criminals come under this category. Starting from violent mob behaviour, plane hijacking to child murder all violent activities should be condemned by the entire world irrespective of community, caste, creed, nationality, sex and religion.

Although these results were found on the basis of correlations, further analysis indicated that relationship between testosterone and aggression was a direct one. Although it is associated to Sigmund Freud, the idea can be tracked back to Aristotle and the ancient Greek tragedy: Conversely, students coming from the democratic family background liked those instructors who helped them in explaining the task, pointed out their mistakes and rewarded their correct responses while learning.

Psychological Review, 1 Extra punitive responses were found to be most frequent in adults and children of various age groups, where as intra-punitive responses were the least observed.

These people who exhibit an "impairment of the control systems of the brain" also have been known to occasionally suffer from persistent brain immaturity, brain damage, or toxic impairment of the brain.

It can only be diminished, controlled and managed by controlling the socio-cultural and psychological factors conducive to aggression.


Rosenzweig has put forward a substantial classification of different types of aggressive reactions to frustration. These elements fuel each other. South wickholds that both in nature and laboratory events the occurrence of conflict between aggregate of a species varies according to strictly situational factors and to past, experiences in the life history of the animals in question.

There is no doubt that in almost all cultures boys receive more reward and encouragement and less punishment for aggressive behaviour than girls do.

Not as bullies but rather as fighters, the type of person who would not back down once attacked or hurt. In a survey on frustration and prejudice in South Africa, made by Lever it was observed that the proponents of the Frustration-Aggression theory regard prejudice as a form of aggression.

The most significant finding of this study is that in both the nursery schools aggressive behaviour was frequently and strongly reinforced by other children. Miller Dollard and others of the Yale group view that aggression is always a consequence of frustration.

But further studies show that though aggression is one of the important reactions to frustration, it is not the only one. Feb 19,  · View and download aggression essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your aggression essay.

Free essay on Aggression in Human Beings available totally free at, the largest free essay community. This essay will briefly examine the explanations of the development of aggression by nature. This essay will also look into environment and its effect on developing aggressive individuals.

What is the nature of human beings? Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau claimed that human are good by nature. We are peaceful and non-aggressive.

Aggression and Prejudice Type of paper: Discussion Board Discipline: Psychology and Education Format or citation style: APA After reading the articles on aggression and prejudice, answer the following questions: What are some of the key predictors of prejudice?

What are some of the key predictors of aggression? What are the similarities between prejudice and aggression? The Causes Of Human Aggression Psychology Essay. Print Reference this.

Published: 23rd March, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of our professional work here. Secondly, one of the first psychological theories of aggression is the frustration aggression theory.

Frustration is a feeling of tension that occurs when our efforts to reach goals are blocked. If something happens to prevent people from achieving a goal, their frustration is likely to turn to aggression.

My essay on aggression
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